• Cloud Heroes

    Mylaensys is one of the five finalists in
    The Cloud Innovation World Cup 2015
    one of the most important Cloud Awards in the industry

  • Cloud Computing

    It’s not a question if you need cloud computing, but when and for which applications.
    Professional Services

    Our network of IT professionals are specialized in developing complete Cloud Computing web, mobile applications and in migration of existing applications.

  • Get Started Today

    Take advantage of running your business on the largest and most advanced computer networks.
    Open Source

    We create value developing web and mobile applications using open source technologies and knowing how it works.

  • Someone Started Today

    Run your website, web application or mobile solutions on the cloud with minimal deployment costs and scale up with your business.

    Soft as a Cloud

    Solutions based on Cloud Computing technology simplifies your life making your software soft as it is suppose to be.

  • Don't Miss the GAPE DSL

    A powerful Domain Specific Language for the Google App Engine fully integrated with Eclipse development enviroment.

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