About Us

In 2010 a group of people came together. Experienced people with a vision of how a business could and should be run. People who knew that there was a better way of working.

How did they know? Because they had experienced the “other” way. The way of big corporations that are constrained by high crippling costs, operational inefficiencies and time-consuming bureaucracy. These large lumbering organizations were perfectly fine when business was booming. But when things changed, instead of adapting to the change, they recognized an unconventional yet effective opportunity.

Mylaensys is a U.S. Company, comprised of experienced and highly trained professionals, who decided to combine their knowledge and creativity to form a strong and unique partnership, focused on providing consumers with advanced technological alternatives regardless of the project scope or magnitude. The size and efficiency of the company gives the agility to move quickly while allowing to deliver high quality services and products.

Driven by passion and innovation and creative thinking, the mission is to see ground-breaking solutions brought to life.

Whether your project is small and simple or large and complex, we default to "Yes, We Can Help".

Contact us today to see what we can do for you.